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Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac

Jasmine has a passion for travel.

Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac’s early life has shaped her worldview to one from an international perspective. Coming from India to Texas has helped influence Jasmine and what she deems important. She believes that travel is important and loves to learn about other cultures.

Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac is a healthcare professional originally from Punjab, India, who currently lives and works in Texas. She has been involved with this industry for over 15 years and continues to be interested in improving patient care. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center in 2002 and an MBA with finance concentration from the University of Houston Clear Lake in the year 2005.

In her current role as Clinical Administrative Director of the Brain and Spine Center at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Jasmine is responsible for the daily operations of the clinic. She is a registered nurse and deals with patients, faculty, administrators, doctors, and all other staff at this facility. She has become an expert in multiple areas surrounding the business world and healthcare industry including human resources, clinical research management, and financial management.

Leadership is one of her strongest skills as she has been in a leadership role for most of her career. She is knowledgeable in what it takes to successfully manage employees. Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac has regularly identified inefficiencies in processes that has improved the employee morale while also reducing costs. She has a proven track record of increasing efficiencies and improving employee retention. With her focus on improving the day to day of the employees, Jasmine has also increased the patient satisfaction rate by over 10 percent. Jasmine entered the healthcare industry with a goal to help patients and through her work she has been able to do so.

Jasmine believes that travel is a way to unite people and to help spread knowledge and awareness of the differences and similarities of cultures. She wants to embrace the uniqueness of the lives of people from different cultures. She has traveled to numerous places and is always fascinated with the history and culture. Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac wants to travel all around the world to continue to expand her knowledge of places by learning its history and architecture through her interaction with the local people.

One of her biggest passions, besides travel, is food and it is the way that she prefers to learn about a new place. Jasmine Sidhu-NovoGradac hopes to incorporate travel and food into a project through the opening of a restaurant at some point in the future.

Her continued desire to learn about different cultures has led her to want to become involved with international policies. Jasmine loves to learn about the tasks achieved by organizations like the United Nations and UNICEF. She hopes to find a way to get involved with these organizations in some capacity.

She is a proud mother of two daughters. One is a successful competitive gymnast and the other is a singer and aspiring physician. When she is not spending time working or with her daughters, she spends time with her partner Barrett and his son.