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From creating an itinerary to booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, traveling can be stressful. Fortunately, there is no shortage of apps available to make trip planning what it should be: fun and easy. The following are the best travel apps for getting around, finding places to visit, and overcoming language barriers.
This simple app has one purpose: making packing for an upcoming trip as easy as possible. Packpoint considers the weather forecast for the location and date of the trip and asks about activities during the trip such as business meetings, hiking, or swimming. It then suggests items that should be packed plus general items travelers will need.

This indispensable app makes it easy to stay on top of all of the details of a trip. Most bookings can be linked with TripCase like attractions, flights, car rentals, and hotels with all details in one place. It also comes with notifications about delays and gate changes, allows users to save receipts, and more.

WiFi Map
WiFi Map makes it easy to stay connected, even in an unfamiliar city. This free app uses crowdsourcing to create a large map of free and protected WiFi services across a city plus tips and passports shared by users.

Kayak is one of the most popular trip planning apps thanks to its versatility and user-friendly interface. Kayak searches across many travel sites to find the best deals on flights, cars, and accommodations. It also includes a price alert feature and Price Forecast to estimate how prices will change in the future to determine when to book. Once the tickets are purchased, Kayak works as a convenient trip planner with easy access to the trip itinerary and important details.

This app is designed to make every road trip an adventure. After plotting a route in the app, Roadtrippers crawls a huge database of scenic spots, small diners, fun attractions, and other interesting points along the way with side-trip suggestions based on the uploaded itinerary.

Google Translate
Traveling through an unfamiliar area where you don’t speak the language can be intimidating. Google Translate makes it easier with instant text translations and offline translation capabilities for more than 100 languages. The app even translates text from photos and images and can speak translated text aloud when communicating with someone in a different language is necessary.