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Road Trip

For many Americans, the idea of a road trip is one with a deep allure. There’s just something inherently exhilarating about traveling the roads with only the supplies in your car and the friends you bring along – but when you’re planning a road trip, you have to be careful not to let the excitement overpower your sense of responsibility. Luckily, you can make all the difference if you bring these essentials along and keep these lessons in mind.

Avoid Texting and Driving With a Phone Mount

Over the last decade and a half, texting and driving has become a more common issue and has been banned in places across the entire United States. Since these bans criminalize the usage of a phone while driving, even if you’re just flipping through places to eat or trying to find something on Google Maps, it’s crucial that you find a way to counter these bans.

The easiest is a simple phone mount, connecting to the dashboard and allowing you to mount your cellular device for easy access. This makes it easy for you to cycle through music or stay on top of where you’re going, within the parameters of the law.

Be Prepared for Digital Failures

These days, cellular phones and similar technologies have become such a common part of our shared identities that we often don’t even imagine they can fail – but the United States is riddled with cellular dead zones, so it helps to prepare ahead of time.

One of the most simple ways to prevent these failures is to bring along tools to counter them – a USB car charger will keep your battery levels high while paper road-maps can substitute for Google Maps in a pinch.

Bring Snacks and Coolers

Although you might be planning on stopping for greasy fast food, prices can pile up quickly, and you don’t want to run out of food money in the middle of the trip – so bringing along snacks like trail mix can be a big help. For liquids like sodas and juice, a cooler that fits adequately into your backseat or onto your floorboard can be a fine choice.

Although these tips identify some of the most important essentials to bring on your road trip, they don’t describe them all – so make sure you do some research before you set out on the road.