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Is there such a thing as packing enough belongings? There’s always something missing. However, spending unnecessary finances on the trip is not an option, and it is stressful dragging 10 bags around the airport. Luckily, there’s a happy medium.

Pack According to Airline Requirements
Check the airlines’ carry-on and checked baggage weight requirements on their website. Since the answers vary by airline, look for the number of acceptable luggage, types of acceptable luggage, and luggage measurements. Find out the cost of overweight luggage. Learn about the overhead cabin dimensions for carry-ons on the airline’s website too. Check the website for this information for every trip as requirements change.

Use Luggage Organizers
Packing cubes, plastic bags, zipper pouches, and travel bottles organize luggage so it’s easier to locate necessary items. The four offer additional storage space for liquids, small items, makeup, cell phones, tablets, chargers, and underwear. In the same vein, luggage organizers separate dirty and used items from clean items. An organized bag is easy for airport security to search the bag too, reducing time spent in line.

Maximize With Less
To avoid unnecessary stress, carry no more than three bags and maximize it. Use shoes to stuff socks, ear buds, and underwear inside. Include dual-purpose garments and lightweight clothes because it weighs less. In turn, travelers can pack more. Use mesh and see-through compartments to store items that require checking by security. Wear the bulkiest and heaviest clothes on the plane (i.e., coat, boots) to preserve luggage space and reduce luggage weight.

Divide the Group’s Clothes Between Suitcases
In some cases, checked bags arrive late. Some group members have clothes to wear while others must buy clothes until the bags arrive. While there’s nothing travelers can do about late bags, travelers can avoid buying clothes by dividing everyone’s clothes among the group. For example, if three people are traveling together and each is carrying one suitcase, divide everyone’s clothes into thirds. Each traveler’s bag will have clothing everyone can wear, and if a bag is late, there are two more bags filled with clothes to rely on in the meantime.

All tips listed will make traveling less hectic while staying on a budget no matter what happens. Travelers who commit to packing less by carrying less will benefit the most. Families will benefit from these tips too.